Karaoke Accessories Better Music Builder (M) AT-800 Active Antenna and Power Distribution System

Better Music Builder (M) AT-800 Active Antenna and Power Distribution System

Better Music Builder (M) AT-800 Active Antenna and Power Distribution System
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Weight 9.00 lbs


Wideband UHF (470-952 MHz) Five-Way Active Antenna and Power Distribution System, Internal Switching Power Supply. NOT FOR USE WITH ULX.

Expandability. The AT-800 UHF Antenna Distribution System is designed for large UHF or UHF-R wireless systems. Each unit allows up to four wireless receivers to use the same two antennas, and the CASCADE ports allow connection to a fifth receiver or a second AT-800.

Compatibility. The AT-800 is compatible with all Shure wireless microphone receivers operating within a compatible frequency range (see UHF Carrier Frequency Ranges in the Specifications section).

CASCADE Ports. Two 50 Ω, BNC-type antenna CASCADE ports allow an additional AT-800 unit or a fifth wireless receiver. A large wireless system can be run off of a single pair of antennas.

Power OUTPUT and OUT Connectors. Up to five (5) U4 or UR4 receivers can be daisy-chained and powered from a single source via the Power OUTPUT connectors. Up to four (4) UC4 receivers can be powered from the AT-800 using the 12 V DC OUT connectors.

Low Noise and Intermediation Distortion. The AT-800 maintains clean signals with minimal distortion.

Insertion Loss Compensation. Whenever a signal is split to multiple output ports, there is a loss in signal strength. The AT-800 amplifies signals to compensate, ensuring a strong signal to the receivers.

Front-Mounted Antennas. The AT-800 comes with hardware to front-mount the antennas, if desired.



  • UHF Carrier Frequency Range: 470-952 Mhz
  • Output Connector Isolation: Greater than 25 dB
  • Third Order Intercept Point (3 OIP): Typical 24 dBm
  • Input/Output AC Line Voltage: 100 to 240 Vac, 50/60 Hz, unswitched
  • DC Output Voltage: 12 V DC, 4 connectors
  • Impedance: 50 Ω
  • Operating Temperature Range: -7 C (+20 F) to 49 C (+120 F)
  • Overall Dimensions: 44.5 mm high x 482.6 mm wide x 295.3 mm deep (1 3/4 x 19 x 11 5/8 inches)
  • Net Weight: 3.32 Kg (7 lbs, 5 oz)
  • Input/Output Antenna Connector Type: BNC-type
  • AC Power Consumption: 15 W per unit typical. When used with 4 UC4's, 55 W max.
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