Karaoke Mixing Amplifiers Better Music Builder (M) DX-388 D (G4) 900W Professional Mixing Amplifier

Better Music Builder (M) DX-388 D (G4) 900W Professional Mixing Amplifier

Better Music Builder (M) DX-388 D (G4) 900W Professional Mixing Amplifier
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Weight 40.80 lbs


Our DX-388 Series Mixing Amplifiers continue to impress the public with newer and technologically advanced equipment. With the new 388 Series every year, our goal is to enhance the user’s experience; we focus on audio quality, system features, compatibility, and compact size. Better Music Builder (M) is bringing a newer, better model into the series to join our DX-388 Series in the product lineup. We are thrilled to introduce the newest model, the DX-388 D Mixing Amplifier which is DX-388 generation four.
Different from its former models is the greater number of audio outputs the new DX-388 D has. The DX-388 D Mixing Amplifier features 5-D technology like our DX-388 Beta. The technology enables the setup of two main speakers, two rear speakers, and a center/subwoofer speaker to bring the live experience to your home. The center speaker and subwoofer come with their individualized volume control, bringing a new field of dynamic for karaoke singing.
Every new model in our product line contains up-to-date equipment, starting from newer and sturdier RCA inputs, to clear audio processing CPU mixers. The new DX-388 D Mixing Amplifier uses the latest and the most innovative technology to produce the highest quality sound, the most precise clarity, and the strongest reliability.
Get ready to experience the best live karaoke performance you’ve ever had, the DX-388 D!


  • 5-Channel Mixing Amplifier
  • Microphone Equalizer
  • Microphone Exciter
  • Music Tone controls Bass, Midrange, Treble, and Balance: music channel provides +/-12dB adjustment for middle and bass, and +/-10dB adjustment for treble.
  • Microphone Echo Effect controls Delay and Repeat
  • 7-Steps key control
  • Individualized volume control for center speaker and subwoofer
  • Available to adjust frequency 80Hz~250Hz of SUB channel.
  • PC remote control capability
  • Smart Audio Input Select (SAIS): priority selection of audio inputs.
  • BGM sensitivity of checking signal.
  • Inputs: 5 microphone inputs (3 front and 2 rear) and 3 audio inputs
  • Outputs: 3 audio outputs
  • Dedicated wireless microphone connection input in 3 groups. The volume of each group can be adjusted separately, with each group providing +8dB/-12dB adjust ment for treble, middle, and bass.
  • LED indicator for signal output.
  • Smart fan


  • Power Output: 3x300W (1kHz, 8 ohm)
  • THD: 0.02% (1KHz, 100W, 8ohm)
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz~20kHz, ± 1 dB
  • Tone Electrical Circuit:
      • BASS Control: 100Hz ± 12dB
      • MID Control: 1kHz ± 12dB
      • TREBLE Control: 10kHz ± 12dB
    • MIC PART:
      • BASS Control: +8dB/-12dB
      • MID Control: +8dB/-12dB
      • TREBLE Control: +8dB/-12dB
  • Input Sensitivity/Impedance:
    • MIC: 20mV/2k ohm
    • LINE: 200mV/10k ohm
  • Effect: ECHO
  • Load Impedance:
    • Output Impedance: 4~16 ohm
    • Recommendatory Impedance: 8 ohm
  • Static Power Consumption: 35 Watts
  • Power Consumption: 120V 60Hz, <1300Watts
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 17×5.7×15.8 in / 43×14.5×40 cm
  • Packing Dimensions (WxHxD): 22.1x8.9x17.9 in / 56.1×22.6×45.4 cm
  • Net Weight: 33.2 Lbs / 15.1 Kg
  • Shipping Weight: 40.8 Lbs / 18.5 Kg
  • UPC Code: 743062980445
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