Karaoke Microphones Better Music Builder (M) VM-62U Beta Professional Dual Channel UHF Wireless Microphone System

Better Music Builder (M) VM-62U Beta Professional Dual Channel UHF Wireless Microphone System

Better Music Builder (M) VM-62U Beta Professional Dual Channel UHF Wireless Microphone System
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Weight 4.60 lbs


The Better Music Builder VM-62U Beta is a Second Generation UHF Dual-Channel Microphone System that uses the latest technologies and engineering. Its light-weight design features two handheld microphones with one 2-in-1 Base Module, Clear Voice Technology, and Auto Sync System.

Clear Voice Technology is featured on all the latest Better Music Builder Wireless Microphone Systems. It enhances the sound of the vocal by detecting and eliminating artifact noises, thus creating crystal clear sound. The result is a sound closer resembles that of a wired microphone. What you get is a cleaner and clearer sound at all audio levels.

The built-in Auto Sync System makes setting up frequencies a breeze. Using the technology, there is no need to adjust the microphone frequency manually. It automatically syncs with a touch of the button to create a complete interference free and crystal clear microphone system.

Better Music Builder is simply the best solution for home and professional karaoke performance!



  • UHF Dual-Channel in a 2-in-1 Base Module.
  • Utilizing the latest wireless technologies and engineering.
  • Clear LCD Screen displays Frequency and Channel.
  • Clear Voice Technology delivers crystal clear sound.
  • Auto Sync System makes microphone syncing a breeze.
  • 80 Selectable Channels.
  • 8 hours of battery life.
  • AA batteries for easy usage.
  • Light-weight design for portability.
  • Adjustable antennas for better signal receiving.
  • Rack Mountable.



A. Technical Feature of the System

  • Channel: 40 Channels (Total 80 Channels)
  • Frequency Range: UHF 627.000~667.000 MHz
  • Frequency Preparation: PLL
  • Mode: FM
  • AF Response: 80~15kHz (+/-3dB)
  • Distortion: ≤0.3%
  • Operating Temperature Range: -10°C~40°C
  • Package Dimensions (WxHxD): 17 x 13.2 x 2.6 in / 43 x 33.5 x 6.5 cm
  • Shipping Weight: 4.6 lbs / 2.1 kg

B. Technical Feature of the 2-in-1 Base Module

  • Sensitivity: < -105dBµV (12dB S/N)
  • Image Rejection: >70dB
  • Audio Output Level:
    • XLR Connector: -13dBm/600Ω
    • 1/4” Connector: -2dBm/300Ω
  • Audio Output: 2 x XLR Port
  • Power Supply: DC 12V~18V with 600mA, AC 120V (For 220V, change to a 220V~240V DC power adapter)
  • Receiver Dimensions (WxHxD): 8.2 x 1.7 x 6 in / 20.8 x 4.3 x 15 cm
  • Net Weight: 1.6 lbs / 0.7 kg

C. Technical Feature of the Microphone

  • RF Output: 11mW (10mW~30mW)
  • Spurious Rejection: <-60dBc
  • Battery Voltage: 2 x AA 1.5V Alkaline Battery
  • Battery Life: 8 Hours (GP) 2 x AA 1.5V Battery
  • Microphone Height & Circumference: 10.3 & 2.2 in / 26.2 & 5.5 cm
  • Net Weight: 0.6 lbs / 0.3 kg (each with two AA batteries)
  • UPC Code: 743062981381
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